iTunes Podcasts

RSS Feed Creation

We do more than simply host your media files at PodcastPeople. As you upload files or write blog posts we will automatically create your RSS feed. With an RSS feed your audience can become subscribers of your podcast and will automatically download any new episodes you release. You can also submit your RSS feed to various Podcast Directories such as the iTunes Podcast Directory in the iTunes Store.

PodcastPeople Created Website

Your Very Own Website

The presentation of your content is extremely important in conveying your message. We make sure your best foot is forward by providing you with a blog-style website. When you upload a file or record a podcast through your browser the pages are automatically generated. You can customize your site any way you want.

Embeddable Playlist

Embeddable Playlists

Already have website but want to add a podcast? Embed the PodcastPeople player. The embeddable player contains a playlist with all of your podcast episodes. As you create new content it will automatically update. Copy and paste the code to your site one time and forget about it.

HD Video Player

HD Video Player

If you are going to make a video podcast we believe it should look good. That is why the PodcastPeople video player supports wide-screen HD video, encoded into silky-smooth h.264 MP4. Whether on mobile devices or computer screens, the player works seamlessly on any device. The PodcastPeople player is adaptive and can switch between Adobe Flash and HTML5. So your video podcasts can be enjoyed on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

PodcastPeople on Mobile Devices

Mobile Podcasting

At we live our lives are on our phones so we made sure our product will work on as many mobile devices as possible (works on mobile devices). You audience can listen your podcasts in the car, while at work, or wherever they go. Our players support both Flash and HTML playback, perfect for viewing on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.